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28. Aug 11

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Ms Nancy Drake is a 48 year woman who has had a to...

1.Provide a brief overview of the patient’s condition and the underlying pathophysiology. 2.Explain the relationship between the patient’s condition and

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My wife is having a hysterectomy next month. How c...

Obviously I'll do all the normal things, I'm a house husband anyway but what are the things that I should expect? What treats and food would she like.

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Can you go through menopause again if u have had a...

I had a partial hysterectomy about 4 years back and went through menopause supposedly but i have been having hot flashes, mood swings and such. So I wondered if

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Can you still have a hysterectomy if you have your...

Looking at the calendar, it should be right at the beginning of my cycle when my surgery is scheduled....wonder if they will have to postpone it?

27. Aug 11

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Hello im 32 an going to have a full abdominal hyst...

any women my age have it done and what can i expect?very scared

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Hysterectomy tomorrow. Period started today. Anyon...

I am having a total vaginal hysterectomy tomorrow. Today of all days I started my period. Does anyone know if this is ok or not? I read somewhere that it will

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The Teenage Sister Chronicles: Mom’s Hysterectom...

Mom is home from her hysterectomy and Kaycie gets the cold hard facts of how and why it came to be. Boy, she had no idea what

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how long should you bleed after a hysterectomy? | ...

i had a vaginal hysterectomy and repair done three weeks ago and still losing when will it stop

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1 Week Post-Op Hysterectomy | After Hysterectomy

Just a little update about being one week post-op hysterectomy. Surgeon: Dr. G. Oliver located in Kitchener, ON, Canada.

26. Aug 11

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The Uterus Troll | After Hysterectomy

Lamby finds out about the truth of menstrual cramps.


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